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Learn To Do Tax Prep Yourself

tax pic 873   WWW.RC123.comThere are several online schools that offer tax preparation courses. These are good if you have a job and need to learn at your own pace. Some have time limits.

Here are some good bits of information about tax prep and what it takes to be a tax preparer.

Once you learn how to do it you can prepare tax returns for people and give tax advice. The IRS requirement have recently gotten a bit stiffer. Be sure to get the latest updates from the IRS for what is required.
  If you prepare tax returns for the money you'll have to sign the return, and provide your Social Security number or your TPIN (tax preparer number).
It's free, but you have to fill out the IRS form W-7P to apply for it..
If you live in California, you have to get a California Tax Preparer License.

Poor math skills - no worries. You would use a calculator anyway.

Tax preparation is a great job for a physically handicapped or elderly but mentally capable person.

To start you could take cases that are simple tax returns typical of a single or married couple that have jobs but little in the way of investments and part time businesses.

A great way to get going once you have taken a course is to work for another tax preparer to gain experience and have a good source of advice.

None of this is rocket science and almost anyone who applies can do it. You'll be saving your own tax prep fees, and if you do a few for a normal fee you may pay for the course in the first tax season. The bonus is that you will be better able to find your own tax advantages and opportunities.


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