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2010 - 2011
IRS Earned Income Credit Changes

Explanations of some changes to the credit for 2010 - 2011.

For 2010: The maximum amount of the credit has increased to $5,666 and the income limit is $48,362

For 2011: The maximum amount of credit has increased to $5,751 and the income limit is $49,078

One change is that there will be no more advanced payments.

For 2010 Tax Year Earned Income Tax Credit will be
(for qualified children)

Tax Credit Amount of qualified children
$5,666 Three or more
$5,036 Two
$3,050 One
$457 None

Your Earned Income and Adjusted Gross Income must each be less than: (with qualified children)
Filing each Married filing jointly Amount of Children
$43,352 $48,362 Three or more
$40,363 $45,373 Two
$35,535 $40,545 One
$13,460 $18,470 None

Then American Recovery and Reinvestment Act gave us an additional credit for the third or more children.

Although it was going to run out by the end of 2010 it has been extended till the end of 2012.

Investment income amount increased. The maximum amount of investment income you can have and still get the credit has increased to $3,100

The earned income tax credit will not affect your benefits even if you receive public assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, or are provided with live in low-income housing.

Nontaxable combat pay election. You can elect to include your nontaxable combat pay in earned income when you figure your earned income credit for 2010 - 2011.

Here is the free downloadable PDF 2010 Earned Income Credit 1040 form

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